EPF Online Transfer – Check PF Balance UAN portal Login

EPF Online Transfer & balance check is the fund that is in your EPF Account statement. EPF balance is an amount deducted every month from employee salary plus and the amount is contributed to employee EPF account by their employer. Knowing our EPF balance can be a good thing of employee retirement savings.

Present day’s employees would have to wait until end of the year for the HR (Human Resource) department of the private and government sectors to provide them with a statement of the EPF balance amount. However, in the few days, the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has announced different kind of methods to check the EPF balance through online by visiting official website of EPFO.

If an employee who wants to know about his/her EPF balance they can do on the official EPFO website. All one has to do is fill in the necessary information were requested by the EPFO website. It has recently added three more methods to know the EPF balance.

A new method is to known as mobile-based application named me sewa has been made available to android phone users. The EPF account balance can be viewed using the app. Along with the app, SMS and missed call services is to be available.

The SMS and the missed call service will be very beneficial for those who do not have internet connection. The SMS facility is not only available in English but a few of the regional languages also it gives SMS in Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Malayalam, Gujarati, Tamil, and Telugu.

Process to check EPF Online Transfer & Balance Checking

Here EPFO has been introducing some new methods for employees to check their EPF balance and it is in the process of developing and also the existing platforms that can be used.

epf online transfer balance check

  • Online Portal
  • SMS Service
  • M-Sewa App
  • Missed Call

EPF Balance using EPFO Portal

There are some of ways to know the EPF balance and it can be checked on the official EPFO website with or without using the UAN (Universal Account Number).

EPF balance online using UAN

If Employees can sign in to the official portal of the EPFO and enter the UAN number that can be found as pay slip. Individually EPF balance will be displayed.

EPF balance online without using UAN

Employees who have not created the UAN Number they can view the EPF balance by using the PF account number which can also be found on the pay slip. The individual employee will have to sign in to the EPFO official site and enter a few information like the state he/she resides in, mobile number to view the EPF balance.

Ways to check EPF Balance via SMS or Missed Call

Apart from checking PF balance EPF online portal, subscribers can also check their balance via SMS or missed call. For this process employees will have an active UAN Number and their KYC details including their registered mobile number seeded with their UAN account.

How to Find PF Balance via SMS?

If the employee has seeded his/her KYC documents with UAN account number, all they have to do is SMS their details in the following format – EPFOHO UAN ENG – to 7738299899. Once the message has been sent, the employee will receive a message with the complete details of his/her PF balance statement.

How to Know EPF Balance via Missed Call?

Here we know about all the KYC documents were have to be integrated to his/her UAN account number to facilitate for this service. Once that is done, all that the employees has to do is to give a Missed Call to 011-22901406. The employee will then receive a text message of the PF balance on his/her registered phone number.

Steps to do EPF Online Transfer via Mobile App

To enhance the convenience method of employees, the EPFO portal has introduced their own mobile app. All the employees have to download the app from EPFO official website and register themselves using their own PF account number and KYC details.

Steps to follow check EPF balance using the EPF mobile app

  • First Download the app and click on employee on the app’s page.
  • By clicking the employee member option, enter employee UAN and after choose the balance/passbook option.
  • Then enter employee registered mobile number.
  • If mobile number is displayed as incorrect, enter other details such as mobile number, Aadhaar card, etc.
  • Select the view of EPF passbook option to view the statements of the last 7 months.
  • Finally the details have been entered, the app will displays the balance of employee’s PF account.

How to download EPF Online Transfer Passbook?

If Employees can check their PF balance status in their account. They can download the EPF passbook either on EPFO member portal or UAN portal. The passbook will displays the contribution of both the employee and the employer.

Steps to download PF Passbook on UAN Portal

Employees can follow the process were mentioned below to download EPF passbook from the UAN portal.

  • Visit UAN Official Site.
  • Then enter your 12-digit UAN.
  • After Entering UAN click on download passbook option on the UAN homepage.

Once completed this, the page will displays the balance in PF account and it made contributions by both the employee and the employer.

71 thoughts on “EPF Online Transfer – Check PF Balance UAN portal Login

  1. jagdish

    hi sir,I submitted a claim for partial PF withdrawal on 19 -08-2018 My claim has been settled, but I didn’t receive money please help me…

  2. rajeshgupta

    Dear sir,/ ma’am
    I submitted claim for partial PF withdrawal on 11 -09-2018 My claim is under process for more than how many days are claims Settled…

  3. smithi

    Hello sir,I have applied my PF amount on 1 st oct 2018 , two days before claim status showing under process but today i checked the same but it is showing NA.

  4. bhavesh

    Dear sir

    My Name – Bhavesh kakkad but my pf account in so my Name – Bhavesh kakka
    One alphabet is missing plz help

  5. puneet

    very nice information given on epftransferonline it is very help full for us thanks admin

  6. revanth

    I received a message on 16th March that EPF account has been settled and amount will be credited in 3 working days via NEFT.
    and still not received in my account.

  7. preetum

    Dear Sir,
    i apply for PF withdrawal 6 month ago but till now I don’t receive any notification. please help this regard.
    Employee ID:- 60083793

    Thank you

  8. sagar

    My epf claim is under process for more than 6 month now and I have provided all the documents requested.
    I even heard that this process will take only 8-10 days then why is it taking this long???
    Sagar Patil

  9. santhosh

    hi,i have unable to raise the PF grievance it is getting “Entries marked with * are mandatory” kindly help me to resolve the issue

  10. shilpa

    i am unable to transfer my pf form my previous company to current , after consulting my current employer i had registered a written complaint to pf office for a minor change in my father’s name but still there is no reply and also not able to register the complain on employee grievance website.

  11. manisha

    I am not able to register a griviance even after filling all the mandatory fields , it is due to removing the upload file option i think please help

  12. anjali

    Dear sir I want to say that my pf no mh/ban/45665/265261 & my Uan no 100834852125 when I am trying to reset my password so get uan is not active when I am activating that time getting already activated so I am unable to withdrawal my pf so pls help me in this process

  13. arunkumar

    I have applied fro epf claim last month on Setember 3rd 2018, but stil it is showing as processing, Uan no is 10113018380101001

  14. nesar

    Why PF interest not showing in Passbook for 2017-18. Government have no control on these bodies for mandatory display or another fraud is being executed

  15. akhil

    Earned Interest Amount is not displaying in Member passbook of Account – TBTAM00300270000048570. That means it is not calculated and not added in the amount. Please have a look. UAN – 100098212022 Account – TBTAM00300270000048570 There Grievance site is very poor, even entered all fields its showing Mandatory Field not entered

  16. durga

    Respected sir Previous company & of office,my pf account not submitted date of joining, date of exit & reason for living so my online pf not windrow, please sir help you

  17. rupesh

    nice information found in EPF Online Transfer website thanks to admin

  18. zaid

    Sir I have submitted my pf final settlement form last month and it’s showing on claim status under process from 10 / 9/ 2018

    So much time it take to credit in my account please answer me for the same

  19. rahul

    I am not able to register a grievance even after filling all the mandatory fields , Please help.

  20. kamlesh

    My service record of my earlier employers is not reflecting/showing up in the unified portal website. I was trying to log a greviance, but the error says “I have already logged a previous greviance and now, I need to wait for 30 days”. I have not logged any previous greviance.

  21. khanna

    I am rohit khanna UAN NO. 100674074323 pls current update my claim and who many days amount credit in my account

  22. hemanth

    dear sir ,
    I am hemant rameshwar I have pf online withdrawal but credit not transfer to my bank account please help

  23. dinesh

    In UAN portal, My KYC documents are not verified by my employer, it shows pending status for more than 3 months. What should I do? Please help me

  24. shankar

    I am looking to transfer my PF from last company to the present company and for that I need signed annexure. I am chasing my last company’s HR from months now but they are not giving any response and I don’t know where to report it. Last Company: HCL BSERV Address: C-23, Sector-58, Noida, Uttar Pradesh – 201301, India. Employee ID : 51504334

  25. prretum

    Whenever I claim on epfo portal my claim was rejected due to my date of joining incorrect on pf I have two employers 1 from sep 2015 and second from 1june to 23 may2018 what I do Pls suggest I complained so many time but no response from organisations and pf grievances

  26. sameer

    Thankq so much… to posting this blog… it does work for me.. i did raise complaint and got reply within a day…

  27. vishnu

    Sir I have tried many times to register complaint but there is no response from page , now what I need to do

  28. shivakumar

    sir my UAN number 100424706731and member id JLJNG00452180000000431 claim date 12.09.2018 and my pf account balance withdrawal and 17.09.2018 my account NEFT but not credit my bank account.plz help me

  29. amit

    Dear sir,

    Please help me regarding my pf pension withdrawn, i am trying to last three years. Today i really needed my money due to my personal reason but could not success.

  30. saroja

    I have applied my final settlement for epf fund, since 16/9/18 and whenever i check my account status it shows up under process for almost a month, and when i check on 8/10/18 it shows up my funds has drawn against para 69 (2). I have done all the legal paper works with my previous organization and they have approved it. I wanted to know the reason why i cannot receive my hard work money, its against my will, please do settle this problem at the earliest thank you.

  31. jagan

    hello sir ,
    my name is jagan s k I applied advanced pf in online date of 01.09.2018 but in claim status showing still under process .pls check

  32. ashok

    Hello Sir,
    I Have Claimed My Pf Advance on i.e.23-09-2018,after 20 days money was Approved In Claim status, but Dispacatch Date Showing N/A, And i have raised Grievance, its showing Taking Action, But in my Passbook its Showing My Money Was Already Withdrwed. my bank details And Everything Is Correct, So What will I do Solution

  33. rajender

    Sir/Madam I have applied for (EPF advance) amounting Rs 1,00,000/- claim ID MHBAN180900001094. Amount approved is 79,700/- The approved amount 79,700/- (NEFT dated October 1,2018)have been returned. (Claim ID MHBAN180900001094). EPFO statement showing deduction of said amount is attached for your reference. Please provide exact reason why these funds have been returned and let me know where these funds are lying as already showing debited in my EPFO statement. Please arrange to reprocess the amount.

  34. prabhu

    Dear Team ,
    i have left job from ikya capital human salution .i am working 2 yaer ,and i want withdraw my PF so i have done process my site and submite all document of pf withdraw related all details given the hr office .in july but hr site no claim ..and i have do request plz approve my EPF KYC so i have online process but his not approve …so plz help..

  35. vikas

    Hi Team,

    I have done with Adhar card KYC and submitted PF withdrawal form – 31 using online portal.
    I have done this process in last 20 days ago and there is no any action from EPFO Department.

  36. sharath

    I Submitted my EPF withdrawal in UAN with Form-31 and it got “settled” on 25 aug 2018 and got messag that its approved and same will be sent to account through NEFT, but still i haven’t received my amount. Can you please let me know to whom i need to approach.

  37. sharma

    Dear Concern I want to share my problem regarding my PF A/c interest being not paid from April 2017 as I have resigned my job in May 2017 and till date no interest is paid yet my UAN no is 100190896880 you are requested to please look into this matter Thanks & Regards Karunesh Sharma

  38. sonali

    PF no-100982090361, My UAN/PF account is having incorrect name of mine.Just because of this Im unable to do the KYC. I Applied for this but till now same wrong name is appearing with my account.

  39. narender

    Dear my UAN No. 100250557728 my date of birth change in my EPF account already submit correction copy of date of birth before 2 month ago but no any update in my PF account.
    Please give a good solution.

  40. Sachin varma

    16 Jan ko pf form submitted huwa h par Abhi bhi under process dikh raha h kya karooo pls help sir

  41. Kumar Gautam

    Hello sir
    My name is kumar gautam….Actually I lost my number that was registered in my uan,1 year back now my new number is 9771614099 and I have to update my new number …How can I update it…Will you please suggest me …And I do not know my password also..I am unable to login my account.

  42. suresh vitthal bhasma

    29/01/2019 ye date pe Maine apna pf withdrawal kiyan tha lekin abhitk o paisa mere accounts me aaya nahi hai mera UAN NO 101082765878

  43. Uma Maheswari

    My Name is UMA MAHESWARI but in EPF they mentioned UMA MAGESHWARI and MY DOB is 23.05.1971 but in EPF 23.05.1973 how to claim my PF payment



    MY DOB IS 01/01/1986pf online withdrawal but credit not transfer to my bank account please help

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  46. QueenKew

    Hello to all
    In this difficult forthwith, I disposition you all
    Appreciate your strain and friends


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