EPF UAN Status Check using PF Number

By | May 4, 2018

EPF UAN Status is readily available to check in online now. Employment Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) provided online services to get the UAN status by using Employee PF number through official portal of EPFO and many other services. Users can access UAN status in the digital version.

No need to wait for a while. EPFO provided online services like mobile application, UAN Portal etc. so many employees are benefited from these services. Every time no need to visit PF office for queries. The maximum number of problems will be solved through online services.
How to check EPF UAN Status

The Employment Provident Fund Organization has provided the service through online from EPF Portal and M-Sewa Mobile App for EPF Mobile APP users.

  • EPF Portal
  • M-sewa APK

EPF UAN Status check through Unified Member Portal

Users who need to check their UAN status can follow the steps and get UAN status. We are providing step by step process to check UAN status.

  • Check PF Balance and Download EPF Passbook Statement Online
  • UAN Member Login for PF Passbook Download
  • UAN Registration for 1st Time EPF User
  • PF Payment Details Online for Employee
  • EPF UAN Status Check for PF Number
  • EPFO UAN Services EPF Member Portal OTCP Employer
  • PF Amount Transfer for Bank Account and Claim to Another Account PF Withdraw Process Rules
  • EPF HeloDesk for Servicess and Complaints
  • Search in online for EPF India
  • Open official website https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in
  • In that go through our services and click for employees link
  • All the Employee UAN services will be available
  • Go through UAN Status link
  • There will be so many services links available in that select know your status link
  • There will be 3 options available those are member id, Aadhaar card or Pan Card search with any one of the option
  • Select State and office
  • Automatically region and office codes will be displayed and then enter PF account number
  • PF Account number there will be 3 fields left blank those are Est code (Establishment code), Est, Account Number
  • Fill all the fields with complete details.
  • Click on check status

“Your UAN is already activated to get the details enter the following details” message will be shown. Along with that some of the fields will appear on the screen. In that enter, UAN Registered mobile number and given image/Captcha or code. Click on submit button to get the details on your registered mobile number. After submitting user can receive the information regarding UAN PF Number status on your registered mobile number.

UAN Status check at m-sewa APK

Android mobile users can get their UAN status through m-sewa app. Check the given step by step process to get EPF UAN status.

  • Open m-sewa application on your mobile
  • Go through Employee option and then click on TRRN status
  • Enter 13 digit TRRN number
  • Click on status
  • In the next step enter UAN number and mobile number
  • Click on Submit form

UAN status will be generated and the user will receive UAN status through SMS with all details.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

If 2 UAN numbers are activated for one person how to rectify the problem?
The person should inform to EPF to deactivate the UAN number by SMS through the registered mobile number and make a request to activate new UAN number to update the status of their EPF Account.

My UAN Number Status was not activated, How to activate UAN?
Click on UAN activation link. Fill all the required fields once again and submit to get Authorization pin. Authorization pin will be sent to your registered mobile number. In case mobile number was mismatched UAN status will not get activated.

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  1. bheeshma

    EPFO provided online services like mobile application, nice app

  2. nandu

    hello sir ma company na salary lo pf cutting cheastuntindi kan pf cut inatlu maku ,message emi ravadam leadhu emi cheayi sir

  3. naveenkumar

    nice topic “Ways to check EPF Balance via SMS or Misseomd Call”

  4. satyaa

    is any online transfer available to my pf balance to abroad account

  5. madhu

    this is madhu i just start a new company with name of grate team so how can i proceed for epf to my employs

  6. Ahmed


    Its Very Much Useful Information. It has helped me a lot.


  7. krishna

    i am join in some xx company in last year but they don’t deduct my pf but now i want to claim last year pf so any one can help to me

  8. Vijay kumar pandey

    Sir i have epf no , i want UAN no my mobile no is closed , i want uan no please help me.

  9. ashfaque

    HI SIR ,
    i have registered my uan number but after this am unable to know the status of uan. please tell me the process.

  10. zuhair

    i have done kyc process after completing this can we check current uan number status.

  11. shrujana

    It is very good to getting the details in a mobile app but it is not responding quickly it is lagging , when am checking the uan status

  12. mahaboobbasha

    after how many hours my uan number will be activated because when i’m clicking on uan status it is not showing any thing.

  13. tariqhussain

    i have added two bank accounts for kyc , can i transfer the pf mount partially to the two banks?

  14. santoshkumar

    dear sir,
    i have added the non-salary account to my uan number , so will my pf amount transfer to my bank or else i have to add the salary account only?

  15. sahbuddinsiddique

    to transfer my pf amount to bank account ,whether it is mandatory that the bank account would be salary account only?

  16. bashaera

    in a uan status page what is the establishment id which is following to the member id in the same page.

  17. zameerahmeed

    i have resigned my job from the last two months but the uan status is showing the active status of my uan number.How to resolve this issue.

  18. subhash

    while opening uan number status tab i have entered the mandatory things but still i didn’t get the status of my uan number

  19. sailu

    i have entered all the empty fields but it got a dialogue box that it doesn’t match with the member id, actually i have entered from my pf details only .please resolve it.

  20. priya

    In the mobile app we have to enter trr number to get uan number status .so , please tell me what is the abbrevation trrn number and where it will be found?

  21. sohail

    i have generated uan status via mobile app ad waited up to two hours for sms notification but still now i did not receive any sms to my registered mobile number.

  22. Vijaya Murli

    I get the status regarding registration on UAN. After that i have not attend any kind of message or information. So my question is this process is done or is there any to do?

  23. Nadiaafreen

    i had my previous uan number , for which i have been sending a request since from last eight months .Till now it was not removed . will you please tell me that how much time it will takes to clear it?

  24. mustaq

    while registering the uan number my mobile is wrongly entered by mistake and otp has also sent , then how would i change it .

  25. Shabaz Khan

    I have work for a finance company and i left that company last month what they have done is they have transfer the amount which is my salary and they said its PF. Whats is means?

  26. azeempasha

    i entered the required fields for the uan status after this when i clicking on authentication tab the app getting back to starting position and asking me to re enter the all details again and again..

  27. nizamshaik

    in uan page it is asking in member id ext est member id . can any one tell me this that what should be fills in this fields?

  28. syed khalid

    Hi sir,
    i am having a pf account in a company but on urgent basis company migrated me to gulf for a project .so, after three years can i check the uan number and can i withdraw that amount also?

  29. anisha

    If my company shifted to abroad for a project base to 9 months ,can i applicable for PF for that nine month in which i will be in abroad? please revert me..

  30. nandu

    Can i check my graduvatiy period by using sms or by the mobile app.

  31. sudheesh

    Can i check my uan number when i resigned the job after two years.?

  32. Shushant Kumar

    I forget the TRRN number should i do know can i get a new TRRN number?

  33. Tarun Anish

    When am going to check the TRRN query its showing error can you please let me know details about TRRN.

  34. Aditiya Nath

    UAN is only applicable in this application or EPFO also? if not please try to add in this application for more details and also time consume.

  35. Hari Lal

    I have download M – application and while am entering the password and user name is showing invalid or already exited may i know why its showing again again.

  36. Riya Sena

    Can i transfer the PF amount through online form one account to another account?

  37. karni Kant Rauo

    I use android mobile ti use UNA for the status but unable to get the status may i know why this is going on with this?

  38. Rajesh Dhandi

    Facing problem while using that application showing error may why this issue is coming?

  39. Nikath Unisa

    I have inform to EPF to deactivate my one account but still no inform form their side. when i will get the notification about this?

  40. Martin loper

    My new UNA is still no active its almost been 6 weeks when ever am checking its showing under process why this taking more time?

  41. Omer Sauid

    my number is mismatching so should i try once again for the UNA or can i go with the other option?

  42. Harmanth Singh

    I want to deactive my first UAN account and want to open a new UAN for another company. May i know the rules of it?

  43. Krishna Muthar

    I want to add KYC in my PF details how can i do this?

  44. Anjan Yadav

    After my retirement i want to shift US because my son is living there so can i withdraw the PF form there? its possible for take out that money in US for should i have to come in India to withdraw ?

  45. jamil khan

    Can you please improve this duration form 6 month to less than 1 month. Because some one need urgent to have some work with this. I hope you like this.


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